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Working with the Chickasaw Council, the Alumni Association Board of Directors regularly votes to sponsor different projects involving Kia Kima. These projects are driven by our members and paid for through private donations and different fundraisers. If you have any ideas for specific projects or would like to be more involved on a project, please get in touch with a member of our Board of Directors and we'll be glad to get you involved! Every project starts off as a small idea or dream. It takes the dedicated work of our alumni to bring these things into reality and make a difference.

Current Project

The current project of the Kia Kima Alumni Association is building a Cowboy Action Shooting Range at the site of the old climbing tower. This shooting range is designed to look like the side of an Old West saloon with the participant shooting out of the windows and doors. The targets on this type of range are metal targets that spin or fall over. The program has a Scout begin at one of the shooting stations, pick up the gun, fire it, put down the gun, and move to the next station. Each shooting station has Old West-style guns such as revolvers, lever action rifles, break action shotguns, etc. This project has also been supported by a generous grant from the NRA Foundation.

Past Projects

Cherokee Tech Center (Completed August 2018)
Old Climbing Tower removal (Completed May 13, 2017)
Time Capsule (Began March 2016. Completed June 2017)
Nature Lodge Roof (5/14/16) The Association raised $2000 to replace the rotting roof on the Osage Nature Lodge and installed the new metal roof.

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